A Trusted School Contractor

With Spring and warmer weather approaching, many folks have thoughts of sun, spring breezes, the smell of flowers and Spring vacation!  Families will enjoy travel to special entertainment venues locations, to visit family members or even have a “staycation”.  Sounds great doesn’t it?  This couldn’t be farther from reality for one of the most trusted school builders in South and Central Texas, Bandy Constructors.

During the one week students are not in school we are hard at work remodeling, finishing addition and renovations projects or within the final push to complete projects.  A term you will hear on some of our project sites is “the kids come back when they come back, and we must be ready “, unlike other construction projects, our deadlines cannot be pushed or adjusted.   School districts and design teams have trusted us with some of their most difficult and high profile projects and we have always been more than ready for the challenge and responsibility.  Our dedication to our clients and their projects is paramount and we often work 60-70 hour weeks in order to fulfill their expectations.  Our team’s “ownership” to the project and vast construction knowledge is what ensures successful completions and happy clients.  These are just a few of the reasons why many clients and design teams personally reach out to us when they have a particularly difficult project.  Bandy Constructors embraces the challenge set forth by our clients in order to further build our relationship with them.


512 754.6661


512 754.6661