Building Quality:Building Trust

The Building Quality Building Trust program was created by D. L. Bandy Constructors, Inc. as a road-map for team members to follow in our continuous pursuit of quality and exceptional service. The program empowers our people to meet our high standards and continuously improve results for our customers.

Building Quality

Quality through Ownership

Our detailed Quality Control program is driven by the ownership our team members take in everything they do. We accomplish this by hiring the right people—those who by nature take pride in every aspect of the work they perform. From our craft employees, who deliver our self-perform work, to our management team members, who meet the management challenges of each project, taking ownership is not an option, it is an expectation.

“D. L. Bandy understands the needs of the Owner, works hard to ensure success, and produces quality construction. They have the unique ability to work closely with the Architect and Owner to ensure quality.”

Dr. Thomas W. Harvey, Jr.
Superintendent, La Vernia ISD.

Subcontractors by Choice

Whenever possible, we use subcontractors and suppliers who have established a record of quality performance and cooperation with our company and its supervision. As a result, the “lowest bidder” does not necessarily get awarded the sub-contract. We strive to select the best value for our customer, based on a combination of price and quality. The right choices protect our standards for quality.

Quality Built

The key members of our management team average over 30 years of commercial construction experience. And, while even an experienced constructor never quits learning, knowing “how to build” is often the difference-maker in meeting or exceeding expectations for quality. Our Building Quality Building Trust program takes advantage of this management team’s experience through their mentoring and training of other team members.

“D. L. Bandy Constructors, Inc. is highly recommended by our firm as they have repeatedly proven to have project teams with experience, integrity and tenacity, the right combination to provide the Owner with a successful project. The personnel with whom we have worked directly reflect the overall philosophy and mission of the company.”

Mary Shuckman
Partner, eddieP, LLP

Measuring Quality

We want to know how we are performing, and our Performance Report Card solicits feedback from our clients about the quality of our project personnel, systems and processes, construction, safety, closeout process, and more.

Building Trust

Trusting Communication

Open and honest communication builds trust, and in turn, trust is a key ingredient to effective communication and collaboration. D. L. Bandy’s management team members participate in a customized, in-house training program referred to as Building Relationships. This program has been designed to focus on the many aspects of communication that are critical to successfully bringing together and guiding all parties of a project.

“The project was relatively complex and involved the coordination of three General Contractors on the same site at the same time. HDR is pleased with D. L. Bandy’s responsiveness, professionalism, and coordination with the other contractors on this project. We would welcome the opportunity to work again with D. L. Bandy Constructors, Inc. on future projects.”

Donald F. Hearn, P.E.
HDR, Inc.


Our commitment to safety begins with management. At D. L. Bandy, we view a safe and healthy work environment as a fundamental function of management, and management applies its commitment to protect employees as vigorously as its commitment to organizational goals and strategies. Owners know they can trust our effective Safety Program, closely administered by our experienced Safety Manager, to protect all parties to a project.  We care about our employees, those of our subcontractors, and all parties who access our jobsites. No aspect of a project is more important than returning everyone home safely to their families each day.

“D. L. Bandy’s on-site staff was flexible and worked well with the administration staff at both schools to make sure the projects were completed efficiently and that the schools were able to remain open and safe.”

Thomas Bloxham
Assistant Superintendent, Comal ISD

Scheduling/Budget Management

Effective control of the schedule is crucial to an overall successful project. To provide this control, D.L. Bandy Constructors, Inc. develops a job specific progress schedule for each project. The schedule will be prepared in a manner which is both flexible enough to accommodate unforeseen changes, yet detailed enough to provide sufficient information for management control and communication.

Our Building Quality Building Trust program requires our team members to continuously challenge the way we manage schedules and budgets, with particular emphasis on advances in technology that can benefit all parties. Trust in our ability to complete projects on time and within budget is essential to the success of our company.

“D. L. Bandy has displayed the capability to meet strict schedules and work within tight budgets. They are a service oriented company that always has the best interest of the Owner in mind. I give them my highest recommendation.”

John Williams, AIA
Pfluger Associates Architect

Fiscal Responsibility

D. L. Bandy has managed its growth wisely and can offer its customers a financially stable and debt-free partner. We know our customers must have confidence in our financial practices and decision-making, and trust that their interests in each project are well protected.

“Specifically, one will find this company tends to business. They are very organized and detailed in their business practices. They are completely honest and exhibit professional conduct. There have been no surprises, and as a school superintendent I appreciate that very much.”

Dr. Thomas W. Harvey, Jr.
Superintendent, La Vernia ISD

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