D.L. Bandy’s Preconstruction team provides clients with complete and accurate information by ensuring all estimates, planning and scheduling efforts truly reflect the objectives and requirements of the project as jointly defined by the Client and the project team. Preconstruction services include the following:

  • Project site review – walk the project site for utilities, local government concerns, etc.
  • Preliminary estimates – preliminary costs that can be updated as the project continues
  • Value engineering – recommendations for alternate materials and construction methods
  • Constructability/Materials – recommendations on materials, building systems, etc.
  • Scheduling – preliminary schedule with timelines for different construction activities

General Contracting

We specialize in this traditional delivery method and build quality and trust through the following:

  • Supervision & Coordination- Our Project Team serves as your representatives to control all aspects of the construction operations. Day-to-day operations are managed by a staff sensitive to the needs of maintaining ongoing facility functions during actual construction.
  • Communication- We efficiently manage all project documentation and communication through our proven systems and processes.
  • Self-Perform Work- Our field and craft teams typically perform 20% of a project’s scope, positioning us to offer clients with more competitive pricing and control over the project schedule.
  • Quality Control- Our Quality Control Program strives to obtain a uniform, high quality level of workmanship throughout the major phases of procurement, fabrication, construction, and installation of equipment and facilities.
  • Safety- From site-specific safety plans to weekly safety meetings, our Safety Program focuses on safety prevention and management for all parties associated with our projects. A successful project is one that is free of injuries and incidents for all parties.
  • Close-out and Warranty- Although close-out and warranty services are contract requirements our commitment is driven by our goal to achieve Owner satisfaction with the final product. An efficient close-out and warranty program starts at the beginning of the project with our emphasis on quality construction. And, while the quality of construction controls and reduces close-out and warranty issues, our procedures for these responsibilities are very proactive and “go the extra mile.”


Contractor-led Design-Build delivery brings together design and construction professionals in a collaborative process to achieve the benefits of this delivery method for the Owner - speed, quality, and savings.

Green Building/LEED

D.L. Bandy Constructors can provide LEED administration and coordination for construction operations and documentation for all items that must be submitted to the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) in order to achieve the specified LEED Certifications. We will accomplish this through the efforts of our field staff and main office management working in coordination with our LEED Consultants.

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