With $2,500 in a checking account, and a strong desire to create a construction company based on integrity, honesty, and ethics, David Bandy founded D.L. Bandy Constructors in 1989 in the midst of a depressed construction market. The company’s first project, on Northloop Boulevard in Austin, Texas, was a small porch enclosure to create a breakfast nook and kitchen expansion. From this humble beginning, D.L. Bandy Constructors carefully grew to revenues exceeding $19 million in 2009, the year in which we celebrated our twentieth year in business.

We focus our efforts every day to meet the following three goals:

  • Provide the highest level of workmanship for the established budget
  • Create a work environment that promotes the common interests of all participants
  • Conduct our business in the most honest and ethical manner

It is our firm belief that these are requisite principles for a successful project and that one cannot be achieved at the exclusion of the others. By conducting our business in this manner, we earn the trust and confidence of Owners in our abilities and integrity, and subsequently create comfortable and productive relationships.

Our people take ownership in their work, which is the foundation for delivering a quality product; and our people are accomplished communicators, adept at achieving effective collaboration, which is the foundation for delivering exceptional service to all parties of a project.

To empower the right people with the right knowledge, D. L. Bandy Constructors, Inc. created its Building Quality:Building Trust program, which guides us in everything we do. Please review the details of this program to better understand how selecting the right people, with the right knowledge, is the right decision.

Building Quality:Building Trust — "An Expectation"

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